Bronson Speed Co. Mason Silva Pro G3 8 Pack

Bronson Speed Co. Mason Silva Pro G3 8 Pack

Bronson Speed Co. Mason Silva Pro G3 8 Pack


Bronson Speed Co is proud to release Mason Silva's signature G3 bearing. Mason's signature bearing features a black and white striped Pro Colorway and "Mason" laser etched on the outside bearing ring. GO FAST, STAY FAST.

Bronson Speed Co is a new player in the skateboard bearing market. Designed and developed by NHS, which is the people behind Santa Cruz Skateboards, they offer new technology gathered from specific skateboard bearing research. Bronson RAW bearings come shield free, the first ever skateboard bearing to do so. They also have tungsten coated races, which is a dry lubricant that improves speed and efficiency. Also, the Bronson RAW bearings sit within a 'non-distortion fibreglass filled pure nylon cage', which provides extra strength and durability.

The takedown version of Bronson RAW bearings are the G3 and G2 bearings, which feature only some of the RAW technology. Bronson Speed Co state they are the next generation bearing that is underlined by a young team of new professional skateboarders and hot amateur riders.

The Bronson team includes Alec Majerus, Alex Perelson, Axel Cruysberghs, Ben Raemers, Ben Raybourn, Blake Carpenter, Daniel Lutheran, Ishod Wair, Jack Olson, Jaws, Jimmy Wilkins, Kader Sylla, Kelvin Hoefler, Kevin Baekkel, Lacey Baker, Leo Romero, Luan Oliveira, Mason Silva, Milton Martinez, Nora Vasconcellos, Ryan Townley, Sam Beckett, Samarria Brevard, Tom Asta, Tyson Peterson and Willis Kimbel.

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