Enjoi Half and Half FP Complete (8.0")

Enjoi Half and Half FP Complete (8.0")

Enjoi Half and Half FP Complete (8.0")

  • Enjoi Skateboards is one of the newer core skate brands co-created by Rodney Mullen and distributed by the Dwindle Distribution, a world-leading board sports distribution company now part of the Globe group. What skaters like most about Enjoi decks, is the amazing pop, the durability and the mild concave. Many recommend Enjoi decks for being very versatile as their concave makes for comfortable riding and good flips for all types of street skating. The Resin 7 construction makes the boards feel really solid.
  • Enjoi NBD Panda Resin Soft Wheels Complete Skateboard - Orange 7.75x31.2


    • specifically designed for smaller, younger skaters with easy turning and maximum performance. 
    •  7 ply hardrock maple with stiff glue extra; the strongest water-base glue.
    • single deck press (same shape and concave every time).
    • carbon steel speed bearings.

    why its better:

    • shape scaled for young riders.
    • custom concave for more control.
    • improved wheel formula for park and street.
    • softer bushing for easier turning.


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