Creature Logo Outline Complete 8.25"

Creature Logo Outline Complete 8.25"
Creature Logo Outline Complete 8.25"

Creature Logo Outline Complete 8.25"


Featuring all new wider shapes for easy foot placement and shorter wheelbases for easy turning with a sizing guide hangtag that makes buying a new complete straight forward for individuals.


Creature Skateboards is an offshoot of Santa Cruz Skateboards. It originally started in 1994 to cater for the growing desire within skateboarding for bigger and wider boards 80s inspired shapes. Creature Skateboards 8.5" boards and sizes up are popular with the Hesh crowd that back Creature hard. Creature's graphical style is largely based around old skool classic skate graphics with heavy use of skulls, snakes and skeletons.

Their signature green and yellow Creature logo is consistent across all Creature products. Aside from Creature boards, they also produce Creature bushings for trucks, Creature griptape with an assortment of different graphics to suit your style and even Creature wax.

Creature also produces a line of apparel that is loved by the Hesh skateboarders out there. Creature sweatshirts and hoodies come up in a range of prints and also hugely popular are Creature socks, which are high tube length socks, giving you that gnarly look. And of course, Creature beanies top off the look.

The team consists of like-minded skateboarders that kill it on transition. Legends such as Al Partanen, Sam Hitz and Darren Navarette are mixed with young guns in Chris Russell, David Gravette, Kevin Wilkins, Willis Kimbel, Cory Juneau, Kevin Baekkel and Argentinian ripper Milton Martinez.

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