Gary Panter for Pharmacy

November 16th, 2011:  In our continued effort to produce Pharmacy products with artwork that addresses important issues, we are super stoked to announce some new products we have been working on with artist Gary Panter.  

Highlighting the economic crisis facing the world today, our “Fed Up” collection revolves around the Federal Reserve Bank. Whether you are Right, Left, Red, or Blue you are affected by this U.S.-based bureaucratic money-bungler.  The Federal Reserve Bank prints money, creates inflation. and devalues the purchasing power of your hard earned dollars. It’s time for members of the public to take an interest in and develop an understanding of this American institution for what it is; a threat to Wall Street Occupiers and Tea Partiers alike.  To help expose the Fed and explain what it does, Gary took these general ideas and created a fantastic collection which includes a skateboard deck (limited to 400 hand numbered units), t-shirts (limited to 144 of each color), and a pair of socks (limited to 250 pairs).  The collection is available separately or in a deluxe Fed Up package.

Gary Panter Federal Reserve T-Shirt


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