Phoenix Ham Photos


Phoenix Ham Photos

  • 1 RV
  • 4 Cars
  • 1 bus
  • 1 bug
  • 50 Dudes
  • 1 Dog

Phoenix Am was the first trip we’ve done in 2016. Riders workers and homies from all the shops met up at our staple store in Victorville at 6:00am on friday morning and drove out to Arizona arriving at about 4:00pm. We camped 30 min away from Phoenix Am.  5 of our riders competed in the contest and 2 of them actually placed top 10 out of 200 which everyone was hyped on. The high jinx was at an all time high. Lots of shit talking and rad skating went down on the course and in the streets.  Over all this trip was a success minus some minor setbacks. If you could imagine taking 50 kids on a 6 hour road trip and trying to agree on McDonalds or Taco bell…well in a nut-shell thats what this trip was like. PHOENIX HAM VIDEO LIVE ON FRIDAY.tent

No breakfast.shit set2 set matt Matt sizing em

You no want breakfast?fam

after a late nite sessiondon

Donny thinking of his next idea. cream

You no want breakfast? part 2IMG_2765 The light looks good stand right there.IMG_2583

MVP GennyIMG_2462

Gotta Wait for these clips.IMG_2255 IMG_2232

Pile in. IMG_2207

You no want breakfast? part 3IMG_2112 IMG_2073