Pharmacy along with Bryan Herman are happy to release our first line of hemp t-shirts. Why Hemp?  Herm has been a advocate for Hemp for a long time and as we started learning more about this amazing plant we have been fascinated with it, and knew we both wanted to take advantage of it’s uses and durability.

The U.S. has a long history with the hemp plant. Early Americans grew and used hemp for food, fuel, paints, fabric, paper, rope and much more. In the 1930’s, a campaign was started by the U.S. government to ban the growth of hemp’s sister plant, marijuana. The hemp plant unfortunately became included in this campaign due to it’s notorious link to little Mary Jane. Hemp is linked to the marijuana plant in species, but contains virtually none of the stuff that will actually get you high (THC). Hemp along with marijuana became illegal to grow, buy, or sell under the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Interestingly, During World War II, the government actually relaxed it’s anti-hemp laws and encouraged farmers to grow millions of acres of the plant in aid of the war effort. 

It’s rumored that the ban was motivated by the threat of competition hemp posed to the plastics, timber, and oil industries. Evidence points to the involvement of the big industries and their contribution to help spread fear and negativity about Marijuana. 

Today, the U.S. is the only country that bans hemp growth, though it is still legal to import. 

Though hemp has been banned, it has not been forgotten. This spectacular plant is much loved by health nuts and tree huggers alike for it’s amazing health benefits and friendliness to the Earth. Hemp is even used in beauty and cleaning products for it’s nourishing oil. We love it for it’s long wearing sturdiness, breathability, and the fact that it gets softer with each wash. Compared to cotton, it’s moisture wicking capabilities are far superior, which will help keep you fresh while skating. 

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